Bring tech into camping with a solar tent. The 4 person Woods Solar Powered EZ-Tent with LED Lights is great way to bring a little solar technology to the camp site. It’s a EZ-Tent, so you can’t wrong here. The solar panel is located on top and on a full charge (direct or indirect light), you can get 2-4 hours of LED light.

Product Highlights:

  • EZ-Tent system for simple set up
  • 7″ (18 cm) solar panel is placed on the top of the tent’s hub and clicked into place. Fly is then placed on top of solar panel & tent, and sun will charge the panel through the clear PVC window at the top of the fly
  • Solar panel comes with case to be stored safely in tent duffle bag
  • Integrated LED rope lights line the top of the tent on the inside and a centre removable hand-held flashlight can be taken down or left as centre light
  • Automatic function allows lights to be able to come on as the sun sets, if desired
  • Solar panels can be charged in direct or indirect light; will take approx 4-6 hours of direct light to yield 2-4 hours tent light; 8-10 hours of indirect light to yield 2-4 hours tent light
  • Solar panel can also be used independently to charge batteries

Available: Now

Price: $229.99 (4 Person), $279.99 (6 Person)

Product Link: Woods Solar Powered EZ-Tent with LED Lights

6 Responses to “Solar Powered Tent with LED Lights”
  1. kamal chaturvedi says:

    where i can buy this tent

  2. kamal chaturvedi says:

    In India

  3. Mason Adams says:

    Led lights are great because they are long lasting and consumes less electricity.’-,

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  5. Marry says:

    This looks like a very nice tent, but the link you provided is no longer working. Is there some similar product that you know of? Thanks.

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