The Philadelphia Flower Show is now over and during my travels, I picked up on some new gadgets. Pictures and Coverage of the show can be found GadgetGrid Events.

Here are my top 5 gadgets from the 2007 Philadelphia Flower Show:

5) Spirals (Plant Supports)


This is great little gadget for keeping your plants upright. There are other supports on the market, but the advantage of the Spiral is you can easily install it after the plant has grown to a tall length. It works by pushing the stem of the product into the ground near the base of the plant. Now all you have to do hold each plant stem and spin the device counter clockwise. It will slowly pull the stems to the center. Has you turn, pull in more stems and create a great arrangement of flowers. Works great for peonies or any type of top heavy plants. Via English Garden Solutions ($36.75 for a set of 4)



The LG-BAGZ-IT is a great garden product to help you move stuff around the yard. Made of tuff material and with two heavy-duty poly wheels, it will take lots of abuse and stand up to the elements. It also folds nicely and can be hung on the wall for easy, out of the way, storage. Since it lays flat on the ground, you can just rake stuff right into it. It holds up to 9 cu. ft. of material and measures 21″W x 24″H x 46″L.

Via LG-BAGZ-IT ($89.95 for the Residential)


3) The CobraHead


Though it looks like Captian Hook’s hand, the CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator is a small tool used for gardening, horticulture, and landscaping. Its blade is a steel fingernail that makes the tool a super efficient weeding, cultivating, digging and planting device. It weeds, cultivates, scalps, edges, digs, furrows, plants, transplants, de-thatches, and harvests with ease. The comfortable and efficient handle allows easy left-hand or right-hand action. It has also received the Seal of Approval from the National Home Gardening Club.

Via CobraHead ($24.95 including shipping) Product Demo Video can be found here.

2) Stain Glass Rooters


Plant rooters, plant starters, or you can call them decorative hanging window planters. These works of art put an attractive spins on root cuttings. They are handcrafted in Vermont using copper of the highest grade, and stain glass that is hand picked for its beauty. The unique designs allow the plants to wrap around the stain glass so as to let the sun through. My mother fell in love with this one and bought two of them.

Via Vermont Nature Creations ($42.95)

1) Dubarry Galway Boots


Though way out of my league price wise, this was my favorite find at this years flower show. By far, the best looking and constructed boot I’ve every seen. This is the ultimate in all weather, all purpose outdoor footwear. Made from the finest English cow hides. Mirapel impregnated all leather outer and upper and fully GORE-TEX lined inner. The lining provides full waterproofing, insulation and breathability while the leather outer and upper offer protection, comfort, warmth, durability and style. Composite PU/Rubber sole for superior traction is injection moulded to upper to ensure a proper seal.

Gore-tex lining offers a comfort zone across a wide temperature range – Great as a snow boot, yet breathability offers comfort in warm and wet conditions. Raved about in Europe for years, this boot is now available here in the US. Use them in mud, snow and water, and they can just be rinsed off! Used widely as Barn Boots, Snow Boots, Hunting Boots, Dog Walking Boots, you name it…

dubarry3.jpgVia Ludlow of London (starting from $349)

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