Power Generation in Your Backyard

Want to get off the grid? the Electric grid that is. The QR5, from U.K.-based Quietrevolution, is a residential-scale wind turbine that generates enough electricity to power a standard U.S. home or a small office. It also looks like a piece of wind-powered sculpture. Unlike the shape of a conventional windmill propeller, it’s a Vertical-axis wind turbine.

Beneath the skin is what Quietrevolution calls the world’s most efficient turbine for capturing air currents near buildings and other structures, with carbon-fiber blades shaped to grab gusty city winds without making much noise. But make sure your checkbook is fully charged: At $48,000, the QR5 costs twice as much as a traditional propeller-style unit that generates the same output. It’ll take 18 years to pay back your cost.

Product QR5 – There is a video of the QR5 in action.

MANUFACTURER Quietrevolution


24 Responses to “10,000 kW Electrical Power Generation in Your Backyard”
  1. tom says:

    10,000 kW? Over what period of time? Or is it continuous power at a certain wind velocity?

  2. Carl M. says:

    Costs twice as much as a horiz. axis unit, with the SAME output?? I don’t think so! I’ll buy a horiz. axis unit and just put Christmas lights on it. 🙂

  3. Ian M says:

    LED lights I imagine.

  4. Andrew says:

    It’s average output, according to their website, its 10,000 kWh, which is Kilo Watt Hours (not kilowatts). If you supply 1 kilowatt for an hour, its 1 kWh, a measure of energy (not power).

    They say 10,000 kWh takes 1 year to produce. There are about 8760 hours in a year, so that’d be 10000 kWh / 8760 hours = 1.14 kW average power output. Thats pretty small for a structure of that size.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the annual energy production could be three or four times as high if it were installed in a consistently windy spot, though. They do need to bring the cost down, though.

    As for the horizontal wind generators, well, they are less compact and work best in directional wind, whereas the vertical doesn’t have to be pointed into the wind. That means you can install it at odd locations like the base of mountains, where the winds can be strong, but inconsistent in direction.

  5. Doug Brenner says:

    Since the horizontal axis turbines change direction automatically when the wind switches, this vertical axis system’s lack of directionality is therefore not much of a technical advantage.

    However it is a very beautiful and elegant design. If it is quieter than conventional units, this is an important innovation.

    I hope they sell plans or kits or license the design to bring the costs down quickly and facilitate adoption.

  6. Doug Brenner says:

    Correction – it COULD BE a technical advantage if they were to translate the design simplicity of the system’s nondirectionality into a cost savings over a horizontal axis system of similar output. But so far, the opposite remains true.

  7. riri says:

    What is the impact on the bird populations.. we live near a vlei and the bird population is stunning so I’m worried

  8. slippyslappy says:

    it is absurd actually. 1.4Mw per day is about 10 of the highest efficiancy solar panels. Anyone who really knows about living off grid will tell you, YOU DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN A PLACE that you can live off of wind power. When the current advances in Solar bring the efficiancies up to about 35-45% (non silicon based thin film technology and the introduction of nano science into the mix, have great potential).

  9. Anne Onimus says:

    Don’t worry about birds: More birds die per year by colliding with airplanes than they do by getting chopped up by wind turbines. Plus, if the thing’s constantly rotating at any speed, no bird is going to roost there.

  10. morganusvitus says:

    The site looks great ! Thanks for all your help ( past, present and future !)

  11. That thing looks weird. Looks more like an antenna than a wind turbine to me.

  12. wael says:

    i wanted any new research please

  13. Great Post!

    Wouldn’t it be great to see wind turbines like this start popping up in residential yards!

    Drop by my blog sometime and have a look at http://www.residential-wind-power.com Tim

  14. The QR5, wind turbines will play major role in power consumption especially for home and small business. They are very much helpful in energy independent.


  15. Tamon says:

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  16. Maria Howard says:

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  18. Dave Turpin says:

    From the research I have done, there are two advantages to a vertical axis unit.
    1. The look nice and are less likely to anger the neighbors.
    2. The only spin up to 2 times the wind velocity which is a quarter of a standard unit, and therefore kill fewer birds. They also produce less noise and are sturdier in a strong wind.

    I am currently coming up with plans for my own. The prime mover is the easy part (though this is a particularly pretty one); the generator and associated electronics are the tough part to build.

    And I have found that in Hawaii where I live, and run A/C 24/7, I use about 10000 kWh per year.

  19. sunpowerport says:

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  20. I’d like one in my backyard but there is no wind, so I guess I’ll just sit in the dark!

  21. 4396710p says:

    Not sure I would want one that big in my back yard. I’d like the 6 foot one that goes on the corner of your house with solar panels

  22. Berna Cohee says:

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  24. Kraig Soiro says:

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