Ceiling Fan ConditionerWant to have zone heating in older homes? New homes and total remodeled home will likely to get zone heating and conditioning, but for the majority of us the cost is prohibitively expensive. Reiker Room Conditioners are a unique solution to many heating challenges re-modelers or contractors face. As combination ceiling fan and ceramic heaters the units can comfortably and safely heat a large room.

The Rieker Room Conditioner uses computer monitored ceramic heating elements beneath the fan motor create heat, while the fan blades generate circulation, providing warm, even heat for all kinds of spaces. A perfect room for this heated fan would be a enclosed sun room or a Florida room, you can still enjoy the room on a cold winter day. Or you could install in the room(s) you often use most and keep the thermostat for the rest of the house low. Finally, this is after all a ceiling fan. You can use it during summer months to circulate air to keep you cool.

Price starts at $350’s – Reiker Room Conditioner Fan And Heater – Swiss Gold

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