Air2Water DolphinThe Dolphin/dragonfly T16 provides membrane filtered, UV-purified and treated hot and cold water without the inconvenience of buying water refills, storing used and unused water bottles, and troublesome piping. Not only does the T16 provide hassle-free water, it provides filtered water on-demand. The temperature units heating elements not only maintain water temperature but also provide a quick temperature recovery for steaming hot water.

The T16 uses the Aquovate technology that works to convert ambient atmospheric water vapour into potable water, treated by Air2Water’s advanced membrane and purification technologies. This patented technology is unique in providing water in the purest form – much like crystal-like dew found only on the purest mountain tops.

Designed with Air2Water’s proprietary ultrafiltration membrane technology, this revolutionary process will help meet the growing demand for good tasting, quality drinking water. This alternative water source is important for anyone who wishes to maintain control over their own pure water supply.

  • Air2Water’s T16 generating machines produce between 16 and 38 Litres (4 to 10 gallons) of pure drinking water every 24 hours.
  • Results show that the units produce pure drinking water at $ 0.04 to $ 0.13 per Litre.
  • MSRP ~$1200
Air2Water How-it-works

The T16 is stylistically built to offer the following benefits :

  • Great Performance, Outstanding Value;
  • Minimal servicing and refurbishment costs;
  • Superior Reliability and Dependability;
  • Proven heating and refrigeration technologies;
  • Hassle-free implementation
  • Low-cost, High-Quality water

Product Specifications:
* Dimensions (mm/inches): 1215Hx340Wx375D / 42Hx14Wx16.5D
* Weight: 50kg / 110 lbs.
* Refrigerant: R-407C
* Filtration System: Hyflux Proprietary Ultra-filtration
* Electrical Consumption: 600-1000 watts
* Max. Water Storage Capacity: 3.7 US Gallons / 14 liters
* Max. Immediate Dispensing Capacity: 1.32 US Gallons / 5 liters
* Water Production Rate: 0.3 US GPH / 1 liter per hour
* Based on: 77F @ 60%RH / 25C @ 60%RH
* Cooling System: Rating: 658 Watts
* Tank capacity 0.52 USG / 2 liters
* Programmed logic temperature control
* Heating System: Rating: 350 Watts
* Tank capacity 0.4 USG / 1.5 liters
* Programmed logic temperature control
* Air Intake Fan: Blower 390 cubic meters per hr
* Water Filter: Hyflux Filtration Cartidge
* Air Filter: Patented Anti-bacterial Air Filter

More info on the Dolphin can be found at

29 Responses to “Drinking Water from Thin Air”
  1. crunchynut says:

    oh WOW!

  2. Anonymous says:

    WOW @ the price 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    In an office, “crystal-like dew” translates to “condensation from human breath.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    And of course everyone would get sore throats from the lack of moisture in the air… Design needs rethinking…Maybe an external collector, like an air-conditioning system.

  5. Maud'Dib says:

    This has long been used on my planet.

  6. Right Maud, they still use these over at the Skywalker ranch for moisture farming, but the Jawa’s can get them for much cheaper.

  7. Aitrus says:

    To both of the last Anonymous people:

    1) Yes human breathe, AND AC, natural air moisture, and really, ANYTHING else that puts out moisture. Do you want to know what goes into your local governments tap water? What about some of those big company “spring water” bottles? This, is MUCH better.

    2) No one is getting sore throats. Maybe if you have a sensitive throat. And maybe depending on the area you put it in. But of course, if you use it in an area with naturally dry air, than the machine wont be making much difference. The amount of moisture in the air already is far great enough that its not going to have detrimental effects to the area directly around it.

    C’mon guys. Lets not be idiots. They are good valid concerns, but really, think about the whole picture before you start pointing fingers.

    Other than that. This thing is amazing. 4-10 Gallons a day!? Not very consistent but still wow. The possibilities are endless almost. Put it on the ISS (International Space Station), countries without a good source of drinking water, disaster relief areas.

    Im sounding a little like an enviro-freak, which Im not really, but its hard to ignore the most obvious and potential breakthroughs of such a device.

  8. C3PO says:

    T-16, huh? Next invention: binary load lifters.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Put it on the ISS? You knew that the ISS is a closed system and this T-16 won’t magically create water from nothing?

  10. sam says:

    kinda pointless of having it at home…it produces 4 to 10 gallons a day but it only hold 3.7 gallons..unless you really really really drink a lot of water, its going to go to waste!

  11. Anonymous says:

    “Put it on the ISS (International Space Station)”

  12. drippy drop says:

    In other words, this is called a “dehumidifier” and you can get one that creates about 9 gallons of water a day for about $200 at Sears. OK, it doesn’t make hot or cold & you might wanna run it thru your $20 Brita, but c’mon… $1200?? Let’s not forget that these things are energy HOGS – just watch your electric bill soar.

  13. Kevin says:

    Sam…ur not too smart huh?…obviously it stops when it’s full. What do you think? The thing is going to overfill and start spilling all over your floor…. some people.. geesh!

  14. Ivan says:

    Paired with a renewable electrical source this could be interesting technology. I like the idea!

  15. In response to “Im sounding a little like an enviro-freak”…

    No you’re not, you’re sounding like a PR shill. If you were an “enviro-freak” you would have just talked about how much electricity these things take to run, and not the cut-and-paste you were given from the copywriter.

  16. Normal says:

    ‘Mother Nature’…go take a flying leap off a tall building…ass.

  17. Bob says:

    …It’s an air conditioning unit with a water filter. What’s the big deal? My window unit does almost the same thing minus the filter.

  18. dingobully says:

    This is a fantastic idea. When you think of all the energy used to make bottled water, package it, and ship it, it definitely seems more environmentally friendly. The price is quite an investment, though. Hopefully it will catch on and the price will come down.

    Make one that runs on solar power and you’ve got the answer to where you’ll get your drinking water when Peak Oil hits and there are no more public utilities as we know them.

  19. oddrie says:

    Dingobully has it right. Great idea but needs fine tuning and renewable energy running.

  20. john says:

    “This is a fantastic idea. When you think of all the energy used to make bottled water, package it, and ship it, it definitely seems more environmentally friendly.”

    Or, you know…


  21. puttputt says:

    Ah, a glorified dehumidifier. Why don’t make water from urine? You pee in one place and you drink in another.

  22. Scott says:

    With more energy efficient homes, humidity build up can be an issue. With this dehumidifier, the AC temp could be raised and people could enjoy a more comfortable atmosphere than at the current temp setting. And how I hate to see all that cash flow towards bottled water. But on a sarcastic note, I bet celebrities could bottle their own brand of drink, straight from their homes and make a fortune on Ebay. Anyone for a shot of Lohan?

  23. Griffin says:

    This is old technology tarted up to sound brand new, exciting and “eco-friendly”. A total load of BS, and about as eco-friendly as my coal-fired industrial plant.

  24. yupyup says:

    Griffin you rock.

  25. Jonathan says:

    Price? Like, how much does this cost, and why am I asking such a obvious question?

  26. Other benefits of the Liquid Air:

    1) Less humidity in the room means less air conditioning is needed for comfort. Since the latent heat is lower, you can now turn up your AC thermostat in the summer and SAVE energy – more than offsetting the power consumption of the Liquid Air device.

    2) Water is filtered and UV disinfected – it contains less contaminants than even most bottled water.

    3) No plastic water bottle waste – no plastic bottles necessary!

    4) No waiting for the water delivery truck – water is available when you need it.

    5) No “fuel-surcharges” for water delivery. Everybody these days is taking advantage of fuel surcharges in order to increase profitability on their products. The surcharges are disproportional to the actual increased fuel cost, and are only a gimmick to raise prices.

    6) Reduce fossil fuel used in the transportation of water bottles, and petroleum used in the manufacture of plastic water bottles.

    7) You KNOW where your drinking water is coming from.

    Click here to see technical specs

  27. Millicent Covalt says:

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  28. ResearcherGuy says:

    Of course this is a great idea and of course it’s not a new one. These things have been selling for a few years now and do have many great benefits.

    Total price and price per “bottle” of water are both going to be cheaper. Overall, this should reduce resources too, not increase them because of the shipping and bottling factor. Reduced humidity is another benefit in most situations. Integration with the fridge water/ice maker and home ventilation system would be nicer as would an always full pet dish. And air contaminants, which are increasing in every region and locale, would not be an issue.

    But the best benefit is to the water table. Currently, we use so much of our domestic water supply for wasteful purposes and often we return that to rivers, streams and the ocean delta heavily laden with narcotics, drugs or fertilizers. As such, we either spend very large energy budgets to clean our drinking water or we drink the bad stuff. This would generally increase the volume of good water in ratio to the tainted. With a large adoption rate of renewably powered water generators, a portion of that issue could be minimized and overall domestic supply would be increased.

  29. Erik says:

    I have one of these in my basement, minus the filter, it’s called a de-humidifier. Maybe if the MSRP was more reasonable it would be a good option, I’ll let all the rich people buy them now and wait until the price drops by $1000. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this concept earlier to tell you the truth. Great idea but currently overpriced.

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