LED Lighted Slippers

No more stubbed toes or stumbling in the dark! Let your feet light the way with LED lighted slippers! Illuminate a 20 foot path to take you safely on a late night trip to the bathroom, to check on the kids, grab a midnight snack or even to locate a flashlight in case of a power outage.  An integrated weight sensor automatically turns lights on when you step into slippers, while a light sensor alerts LEDs to turn on only in dark conditions, preserving the life of the replaceable lithium included batteries. The non skid soles slippers even included a timer so the lights remain on for a bit after you remove slippers to see you safely back to bed.

Find yours here: Lighted Slippers


One Response to “LED Lighted Slippers”
  1. Frodo says:

    What a great idea. This is a perfect mother’s/father’s day gift. Thanks!

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