Opus Football Table

The battle of good versus evil is now being waged on a foosball table of all things. A Scottish company, Eleven Forty, has created a new version of their flagship product, the Opus foosball table. The new version pits the heroes and saviors of the world versus the villains and tyrants of past and present. The table itself is handmade from lacquer-finished maple, a UV etched glass pitch with underplay lighting, 6 different balls for different speeds of play, stainless steel scoreboard, telescoping aluminum rods with brass casted handles, and to top it all off … hand-painted aluminum player bodies with micro-cast player heads. In addition, the table comes with built in bubble-levels and adjustable feet on the table legs to insure a perfectly level pitch. In the ‘Good vs Evil’ addition, the scoreboard tracks the number of ‘Souls’ as opposed to the number of ‘Goals’. As for the starting lineups, see the picture below. The special edition table is only available through 20ltd.com and as for the price … don’t ask.

Opus Football TableOpus Football TableOpus Football TableOpus Football TableOpus Football Table

One Response to “The Good vs Evil Foosball Table”
  1. When I saw good vs evil I was hoping it would the Survivors of Oceanic 815 vs the Others

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