The remote control skimmer makes cleaning the pool fast, easy and fun. You can now get the kids involved in pool maintenance without them complaining about it. This unique pool skimmer removes leaves and debris from the surface of your swimming pool. Powerful twin outboard motors get the job done quickly. And the streamlined design skims even hard-to-reach areas. When you’re finished, simply remove the net from the top of the boat for easy cleaning. The remote-control’s 100′ range allows you to clean a pool from a far away place. Includes rechargeable battery that lasts for 50 minutes on a full charge and requires four hours to recharge.


$129.95 –The Remote-Controlled Pool Skimmer.

You may get information about the pool and spa from the different sources of internet, magazine and news channels which provide the authentic news to update the swimmers about the safest ways of pool spa . The establishment of the swimming pool besides the patio always gives a very luxurious look to the outsiders and you may boost up the ornamental aspects of your patio by using the unique styled patio furniture cushions . The pool slides , connected with the powerful outboard motors are used by the swimmers to have a fun and entertainment while swimming. The canopy is very useful and comfortable shelter for the individuals who want to entertain themselves with different kinds of activities in patio and swimming pool.

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    How far can it clean? So there’s a filter on the top of the boat….

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    Furniture market trailblazer Storehouse furniture has closed its


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