One of the most unflattering jobs is scrubbing the inside bowl of a toilet. With the Never Scrub self-cleaning toilet system, you can (in theory) put the brush away and keep the bowl sparkling clean – even under the rim. It releases a measured amount of organic cleaner every time you flush and continuously cleans and deodorizes for over 4,000 flushes. Removes and prevents rust stains, scum build-up and is safe for septic systems.



  • Easy to install – takes less than 1 minute
  • Refillable
  • Prevents rust & hard water stains on your toilet bowl
  • Safe for septic systems
  • Won’t harm toilet tank parts
  • Cleans completely, even under the toilet rim

Never Scrub Toilet System

2 Responses to “Never Scrub Toilet System”
  1. TechFresh says:

    Does this really work and where are these available?

  2. lescot says:

    Yes, it works extremely well. but don’t make a mistake of getting the wrong product like I did. The similar named product of “Kaboom Never Scrub” DOES NOT WORK and it is a waste of money. Just a piece of junk stuff which was advertised on TV by Billy Mays. The REAL and ORIGINAL “Never Scrub”, does work as it’s name implys and does a super job. I used it for years until it became hard to find. The immatator “Kaboom” tried running running “Never Scrub” out of the market I figured, because everywhere U looked there it was taking over all the sales from the quality one. I don’t know what happened for sure, but I advise everyone to stay away from all “Kaboom” products as I have tried almost all of them and have found nothing in their line that works as advertised or even begins to work at all sometimes. Just a kind word of advise to all who read this, I think “Kaboom” probably comes from China and is mostly nothing but junk and a waste of money. In searching the Internet I found a few sources for the Original “Never Scrub” toilet cleaning system and CVS Drugs is one of them and also the cheapest that I have found thus far. Good luck with all Ur house cleaning choirs. Les at [email protected]

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