As global warming looms, expect the summer heat be more intense. You don’t want to leave “man’s best friend” out in the heat. The PETCool Dog House Air Conditioner is a “portable climate control system” that attaches to a dog house. The PETCool system adjusts automatically to maintain a constant comfortable range of temperatures. It has an air filtration system that acts a de-humidifier.

PETCool dog-house.jpg

Price: $499

10 Responses to “PETCool Dog House Air Conditioner”
  1. dog houses says:

    Nice product. I will be saving this page to my favorites for sure. Where can I buy that?

  2. Arf you nuts? says:

    $500 for a 2500 BTU air conditioner? Are you kidding me? Highway robbery much?

  3. Jennifer says:

    I was trying to find one of these for my dogs as I live in AZ in extreme heat. I was unable to find one anywhere online, but eventually found a private party who sold one to me for $500…I believe there is one place back east who specializes in chicken coops who have a few in stock but they were selling them for more like $650. This thing is the most amazing machine I have ever owned. It works day in, day out providing a nice cool environment for my dogs. We purchased a nice cedar dog house and insulated it and put a cover over it to keep it even more cool…this machine maintains a constant temperature in the dog house even in the hottest part of the day, up to 113 degrees outside.

    I know it will work just as well heating the dog house in the cooler month of the winter. If you love your dogs and they spend alot of time outdoors, the price is worth every penny…they are made to last about 10 years…even if I get five years of use out of it, it will be worth it. I don’t know when they will have them back in stock as I see even now that summer is almost over they are still on backorder on every website.

    And the best part? It only uses as much electricity as four lightbulbs…FANTASTIC machine.

  4. John says:

    Since the PetCool is no longer available, Tacom Limited came out with ClimateRight Portable Heater and Air Conditioner. It comes with an updated digital display and uses Hitachi components for reliability. Check out Thanks, John

  5. asya says:

    I need it so much… But they don’t sell it in Russia =(

  6. I have one that I bought and never even took it out of the box. I paid around $700 for it a few years back. If someone wants to make me an offer and pay for shipping to them, feel free. I am in Sacramento, Ca area.

  7. Anonymous says:

    do you still have the pet cool unit

  8. Myland says:

    I have two for sale. I am in Eastern Shore Virginia. If interested you can text me or call 619 994 9217.
    Thank you.

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