Get to the point in two colors with one device. Marketed to point out the “constellations” in the sky, but sure to put green and red dots on people’s head. The old, back in the day, red laser does the standard 4,000 ft… While the newer, green laser projects bright lines up to two miles into the night sky (or other targets). And unlike a red laser, the green beam itself can be seen in mid-air in dark conditions, not just the laser beam dot. This allows the green pointer to be used for skypointing and also looks cool as hell.

  • State-of-the-art design brings both green and red laser into one laser pointer
  • Bright green beam, range up to 2 miles in darkness
  • Powerful red beam, range up to 4,000 ft. in darkness
  • Focus the green laser beam to point out constellations, planets or galaxies and use the red laser beam to point out single stars or illuminate night sky maps and equipment.
  • Constructed of high-quality brushed metal
  • Includes of 2 N batteries, 3 LR41 button cell batteries and a pocket clip
  • 90 day warranty

Green & Red Laser Pointer

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