Bring a little technology into the bathroom or kitchen with the EZ Touchless Infrared Sensor Faucet. Now you can convert your standard kitchen or bathroom faucet into a touch-free automatic fixture. This faucet attaches to your existing sink faucet, and by using its infrared sensor, detects movement that turns off and on when needed. Other nice features include an adjustable temperature and pressure setting. For less then 50 clams you can stop transmitting germs through repeatedly touching faucet handles and save water:



  • Hands-free operation
  • Prevents contamination of germs
  • Fits any existing sink faucet
  • No plumbing change, easy to install
  • Manual on/off switch for full control. Hot/cold and water flow can still be controlled by exiting faucet’s handles

EZ Faucet – Touchless Infrared Sensor Faucet – (Silver)

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