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XM Helix

Sirius Stiletto SL100 Portable
Satellite Radio Receiver
  Samsung YX-M1Z Helix XM2go Portable
Satellite Radio with MP3 Player

There has been much debate over which satellite radio provider is better, Sirius or XM. These two companies have been compared based on a number of dimensions, including available programming, stock performance, the “Howard” factor, number of subscribers, etc. Now the two companies are one in the same, but we are yet to see the benefits of the combined satellite giant. For now, as long as they are still offering separate services, proprietary music players, accessories, etc, we will square the two companies against eachother based solely on their top selling portable players, the Sirius Stiletto S100 vs the XM Helix (by Samsung).

Let’s first start with what these two satellite players have in common. First of all, they are both satellite radio players that now have built in capacity for both recording live radio as well as storing your own mp3/wma files. See below for a comparison of these two players:

  Sirius Stiletto XM Helios
Price $249.99 $249.99
Dimensions Width: 2.0 in
Height: 4.5 in
Depth: 0.7 in
Width: 2.2 in
Height: 4.4 in
Depth: 0.6 in
Screen Type/Size color 2.25 in color 1.7 in
Weight 4.6oz w/ slim battery 4.5oz
Cost $12.95/mo $12.95/mo
Yes Yes
Storage Capacity 2GB 1GB
Channels 130 channels
(30 presets)
170 channels
(? presets)
File Formats mp3/wma mp3/wma
up to 100 hrs up to 50 hrs
Includes Radio
Antenna headphones
Standard/slim batteries
PC cable (USB compatible)
AC adapter
My SIRIUS Studio software
with Yahoo! Music Engine
Home Stand
Home Antenna
Power Adapter
RCA Cable
USB Cable
Belt Clip/Holder
Ear Buds
Rechargeable Battery
XM+Napster CD
Product Manual

Okay, so that is how the two players match up … so what differentiates each player. The Stiletto is a little bulkier, especially when the full size battery is used. Neither players come with a car kit and both have battery lifes and headphones that leave something to be desired. One feature that may make the Stiletto stand out a bit from the Helios, is that it has a built in Wi-Fi finder that allows you to connect to wireless networks to get your music when satellite signals are weak. Other than that, they both allow you to stop, play, pause, and store live satellite radio, although the Stiletto does a much better job of letting you rewind back through 60min of live radio, while the Helix only allows a 10min buffer. Overall, both players are very comparable … the Stilletto definately earns a checkmark for its added capacity (2x that of the Helios), while the Helios gets a checkmark for being a little lighter and smaller than the Stiletto. Personally, if I were making the purchase, I would go with the Stiletto, for none of the reasons aforementioned. Instead, my decision would be based solely on the fact that I like Sirius’ programming better than XM’s, but that is a Gridmatch for another time.

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  1. i think satellite radio did not gain so much popularity these days.:~,

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