Now here is a soccer gadget that could sell like crazy. It’s a motion sensitive ball, called SoundBall, that produces sounds with every touch. Kick it, roll it, spin it or even bounce it. Big deal right? Well, watch the video and you’ll see it’s immediate absorption to on takers.

YouTube Video:
It works via Bluetooth (of all things). The motion sensor inside the ball relays info to the nearby computer. It tracks whether the ball is being hit, thrown, or spun. This info is then sent to the computer, which tells the ball what sound to produce.

It’s concept comes from Brooklyn musician and inventor Aleksei R. Stevens. If an Adidas or Spalding picks this up, Aleksei is about to become a very well known, rich person.

Downside… It will drive parents nuts and I’ve told my kids 5 zillion times not to play ball in the house. If you can’t wait for the SoundBall to hit the market, maybe the Virtual Distance Soccer Ball will meet your needs.

via Crave

One Response to “SoundBall”
  1. Anil says:

    Cool thing!
    Kids will love it and obviously parents will hate it 🙂

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