The award-winning Xplory Stroller is the only stroller or push chair that elevates your child closer to you. The Xplory can transform into all kinds of configurations that meets the needs of you and your child. Whether traveling on public transport, meeting friends at a coffee shop, or shopping at a store, you’ll discover the effect the Xplory stroller has on your child.

A great benefit of Xplory is its height adjustment. You can use the stroller as a high chair outside the home. Enabling your child to join you around any table to eat, play and socialize without the need for a high chair. Bottom line is the Xplory provides a happier, more peaceful environment which allows you to relax and enjoy your time together outside the home.



There are a ton of accessories for this bad boy as well.  The basic stroller starts at $599 with many upgrade and accessory options can be found here: Luxury Baby Stroller

One Response to “Xplory Stroller”
  1. Cincy Birth says:

    I absolutely love the feature that allows a mom or dad to use the stroller as a high chair!
    That is a genius idea. The more I explore the new stollers the more difficult it becomes to decide what features are my “must haves”.

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