drinkwell1.jpgThe New Drinkwell Platinum improves on the widely-popular Original Drinkwell Pet Fountain, and adds many new features. Like the original, the circulating water attracts pets, encouraging them to drink more water, which in turn reduces the risk of diseases like urinary tract infections and kidney disease. It has a falling stream, like the original, but this design reduces “braiding”, which in turn keeps the stream from splashing outside of the bowl while still providing the benefits of aeration. The new spout is 8″ from the floor, providing easier access for those pets that want to drink straight from the stream. The new pre-filter keeps debris like hair and food particles from entering the chamber where the pump pushes water back up into the tower. This reduces cleaning maintenance, and wear and tear on the pump. The new 3-Layer Filter now removes impurities even better than the original. The new design is even more kind to sketchy cats – the new flow control will not startle them and the new pump is even quieter than the original – some would say nearly silent. The new design also incorporates a built-in reservoir putting the capacity at over 1 gallon, which makes refills less frequent, and giving owners with multiple or large pets relief from frequent refills. And, best of all, the entire unit (including the reservoir) is now dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about melting down parts when cleaning like the original version. The Drinkwell Fountain is designed, approved, and recommended by veterinarians, particularly for pets prone to urinary tract disorders. This fountain will save trips to the vet by giving your pet this innovative constant access to running water.


$58 – Drinkwell Platinum Fountain

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