Attention lazy dog owners! Here is how to keep your dog busy for hours… GoDogGo is a remote-control tennis ball launcher designed specifically to play fetch with your dog, while you sip on a Margarita. GoDogGo has both automatic and manual ball launching settings. In automatic mode, GoDogGo will launch tennis balls every 7 or 15 seconds for your dog to fetch. In manual mode, you can launch each tennis ball to your dog using the remote-control. Only thing you have to do is train the dog to fetch the ball and put it back in the bucket…

See video of it in action:

$149.95 – GoDogGo

One Response to “GoDogGo”
  1. ray myers says:

    Oh come on you know what everybody’s thoughts are that’s BRILLIANT

    and I want one

    Cheers!!! Ray

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