For when wet ice just won’t do, break out the Portable Dry Ice Maker and make some dry ice to keep things arctic cold. This dry ice maker is capable of producing a 1 lb. block of dry ice in as little as 60 seconds for keeping foods and beverages cold (-109.3 F) at picnics and parties. Dry ice is a more effective coolant than regular ice, and it won’t melt, but instead sublimates to odorless CO2 gas. The gas also gives off a “cool” steam effect that could be used for a dramatic effect. I triple dog dare you to put your tongue on this…

Note: The device requires connection to a cylinder of compressed liquid CO2 with a dip tube or siphon (not included).

$499.99 –
The Portable Dry Ice Maker.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you spend $500 for what amounts to a couple blocks of wood you are a ***king retard.

  2. Anonymous says:


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