StreamGarden (from Green Fortune) is a small personal garden for your home or place of work. It is designed to use the hydroponics technique in an integrated system (same technique used in space stations and Disney greenhouses) . If you don’t have a green thumb… no worries. StreamGarden is so easy to use, even a caveman can do it.

Instead of giving plants water every day as when growing in soil, you need to check the water level and refill approximately once a week (depending on humidity in the house). Every third month you need to exchange all the water and refill with nutrition. StreamGarden is also a great learning tool for kids. It gives you the ability to see how the root system develops, giving a unique close-up view of the eco system.


Benefits and Options:

  • Grow your own herbs and spices for use in the kitchen
  • Try strawberries or flowers
  • Plant climbing plants and fill up a window in summertime
  • Also doubles as a humidifier
  • Use it as an educational tool

Includes: upper tank, lower tank, four pots, circulation pump with filter, outflow pipe, 4 bags of nutrition A, 4 bags of nutrition B, mixing bottle, clay pellets and a users manual

$150 – StreamGarden

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