Up North it’s getting cooler by the day and you may be discouraged to use the hose. Well, those days are over. With the new Moen Outdoor Hot Cold faucet, we now have a choice of cold, warm or hot water… OUTSIDE! Wash the dog, wash the car or even fill a small pool in the middle of winter (weather permitting). Features include a frost-free cartridge and anti-siphon mechanism to keep outdoor water separate from the indoor water supply.


Product Details:

  • unique, single handle design conveniently delivers both cold and hot water
  • Frost-free
  • anti-siphon
  • ergonomic handle with push/pull volume control and rotary temperature control
  • Single handle design requires only one drill hole for easy installation
  • flow rates: mixed 12 gpm, cold only 9 gpm
  • chrome plated finish
  • new Moen 1201 cartridge is serviceable from the exterior of the home – use service kit # 129668
  • 1/2″ female sweat inlet connections
  • decorative siding wedge included
  • 12 gpm (45.4 L/m)

$63 for 8″ – MOEN Sill 8-Inch Hot and Cold Outdoor Sill Faucet, Chrome #HC200508

$68 for 12″ – MOEN Sill 12-Inch Hot and Cold Outdoor Sill Faucet, Chrome #HC200512


It seems the Moen outdoor hot cold faucet has been unvailable for some time and may be discontinued?  Here are two other options: Prier Hot and Cold Mixing Hydrant or Woodford Hot/Cold Frostfree Vertical Mount Faucet

8 Responses to “Moen Outdoor Hot Cold Sill Faucet”
  1. Kewl summary on Moen Outdoor Hot-Cold Sill Faucet. I enjoy this blog.

  2. Frank says:

    This outdoor faucet is great! Worth every penny and having the option of hot water outside is priceless!

  3. scooter says:

    Dan, it hasn’t been discontinued. It’s just currently unavailable…



  4. Dan says:

    I have checked googled many sites say discontinued. Some say because of lack of sales. And some sites are a few yrs old and some current. Anyone have problems with it.

  5. scooter says:

    I looked around too Dan. No one seems to have one in stock. It’s a shame b/c I love the idea of hot and cold water via the outdoor hose. It’s been one of the top selling items over the last few years so, the product seemed like it was selling (via GadgetGrid anyway). Maybe they are working on new models or something. We will keep an eye out…



  6. JR says:

    I have had one for 6 years, can’t get it to stop leaking, and can’t find parts, Moen help line I rate 1/10

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