For those of us whoever painted a room, we all know the pain of taping and painting the edge. The Zibra Edge-n-Roll no tape painting system, the complete tool to eliminate the need for taping prior to painting. Save prep time, paint next to trim molding with a clean roller finish. Finally, an edge tool that really works! This system offers you a quick eject system for easy fingertip release of dual roller disposable cartridge. The dual roller cartridge provides a smooth, even coverage for seamless wall painting. With the even load tray kit that’s included you can control the loading of paint onto your rollers for the right amount of paint, avoiding drips. The tray includes a disposable liner and grate for easy clean up. The 180-degree ergo swivel handle provides comfort and is easy to use in multiple directions. If you choose to stop your painting project temporarily before finishing, simply snap on the included lid to the tray to keep the paint from drying out and eject the cartridge into a ziplock bag, you will be ready to start back with fresh paint and the same cartridge when you return. Includes a paint tray with even load tray and disposable liner, lid and dual cartridge roller system.


Zibra Edge-n-Roll No Tape Tool Kit System

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