If you can’t keep the kids out of the pool at night, maybe this will do the trick. This solar powered pool light illuminates underwater like magical jellyfish. Named the Medusa (via Goldesign), it wirelessly floats in the pool and collects light by day and freaks kids out by night.

7 Responses to “Jellyfish Pool Light”
  1. Greg O'Byrne says:

    I am so buying this for my parent’s pool.

  2. Terri says:

    Where can I get this pool light?

  3. scooter says:


    I believe this item is still in a concept state, but you can contact the designer at [email protected]



  4. Kim at Best of Hawaii Directory says:

    I absolutely love this. We have one and I’d highly recommend it!

  5. gWallet says:

    Cool device, but sadly, I think the kids would rather play with it, than keep them out of the pool.

  6. Kat says:

    This is definetely not the way of keeping the children out of the pool… It would be like keeping them away from certain place of the house with a hologram of a serial killer. WTF?

  7. jeff says:

    where can i get a medusa floating pool lights,
    i have the perfect pool to show off this light
    and can not find a distributer

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