For golfers striving for a better and more consistent swing, the Suunto G6 is an invaluable tool for reducing your handicap. Monitor your shots as you practice at the driving range or play, and then analyze your round with the included SGM (Suunto Golf Manager) PC software to identify the areas of your game that need improvement. Suunto G6 enables you to practice and perfect your swing. After each swing, you can check its tempo, rhythm, backswing length and speed. The feedback you get from Suunto G6 helps you consistently repeat your best shots, developing muscle memory to remember only the good shots. After the session, you can analyze your overall consistency.

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Product Features

  • Measures rhythm, tempo, backswing length, and speed of each individual swing
  • Supports four game types: Scratch, Strokeplay, Stableford and Match. Stores key statistics and scorecard for each game.
  • Suunto Golf Manager with PC Interface allows user to download swing analysis and game statistics onto the computer


Suunto G6 Pro Wrist-Top Personal Golf Computer Watch

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