The Wind Chime Alarm Clock features 12-hour and 24-hour clocks, the date, a stopwatch function, and two different alarm modes. You can wake up to the sound of electronic beeping or to the gentle sounds of wind chimes. You can also set the wind chimes to chime continuously.


  • Electronically operated wind chime
  • Wake to chime or alarm
  • Repeatable snooze function
  • Program wind chime to continuously operate or only at alarm
  • Displays time with seconds, date and day of week

Princess PI-70101 Electronic Wind Chime Alarm Clock – 10 Chimes

One Response to “Wind Chime Alarm Clock”
  1. C Sands says:

    could you please supply instructions for operating the electronic wind chime alarm clock?
    I would be so grateful! I purchased one and it came without instructions….not from you, unfortunately!
    Thanks so much!

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