The Silverfish Aquarium (from Octopus Studios) is truly a custom fish tank that has about a 60 gallon capacity, and would make a great tropical freshwater aquarium. Having 6 large spheres with connecting tunnels, it’s great to be a fish now days.  It’s a little more then 3 feet cubed and the fish tank stands about 1 meter tall. It comes standard in three colors; black, cherry brown, and carbon fiber.



The Aquarium Structure
The Aquarium Stand
Filtration & Heating Parts

Eheim Professional2 external filter & filterset media
Undergravel filter plates x3
Hydor external heater
Filter tubing
Inlet strainer
All taps/clips/suckers required for assembly

Lighting Parts

Light controllers x3
Circular fluorescent daylight lamps x3
Lighting covers x3

Aeration Parts

Eheim 400 air pump
Air line
Air stones x3
All taps/clips/suckers required for assembly


Highest quality silk plants

Cleaning Equipment

Gravel vacuum
Magnetic surface cleaner
Siphon tubing and taps
Filter tubing brush

Cost comes in at around $3,000, depending on options and shipping costs.

The Silverfish Aquarium (via OhGizmo)

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