Check out this latest kitchen gadget! I can think of numerous occasions where i wish for this product. It is an automatic sensor perforated paper towel dispenser that works on all home paper towel brands standard full and new half size sheets. The Sensor-activated control guarantees one hand operation without touching the unused sheets or the dispenser, and the towels never unravel. It prevents contamination of germs and saves paper. This smart Towel-Matic™ can dispense one sheet, two sheets, or the new half page sheet on demand with just the approach of your hand.

  • Touch-free sensor-activated paper towel dispenser eliminates cross-contamination of germs
  • One-hand operation prevents need of touching unused towels with unclean hands
  • Towels are locked in place at each dispensing, guaranteeing no unraveling and secure towel removal

Towel Matic Automatic Sensor Paper Towel Dispenser


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