This got to be the first in the world to offer native iPod dock in a HTPC case. The Thermaltake Mozart IP is has all the usual attribute that a HTPC case should have. Equipped with front USB and Firewire ports and a build-in VFD.

Full function remote control (inlcudes iPod control)

Technical Specs

  • The World’s First Chassis With An Integrated iPod Dock
  • iPod charger dock design
  • Exclusive iPod remote control built-in
  • Enjoy music without turn on PC
  • Front I/O for easy access
  • Multimedia LAB kit

Thermaltake Mozart IP

One Response to “Home Theater PC Case with built-in iPod Dock”
  1. Ron says:

    If it’s an HTPC case for building an HTPC, it should store (or at least have access to) all your mp3’s anyway. Why the need for a built in IPOD dock? I don’t see the logic. Aren’t all the songs that you would transfer to the IPOD be on the computer (or network) anyway? and what if you own a different MP3 player? I don’t see this as a big breakthrough as you could easily connect it via USB to play it. I did read that you could listen to it without turning on the PC, but meda center PC’s are not meant to be turned off…Just my 2cents

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