Never fear, GE and Jasco can help! The GE Bluetooth® Home Stereo Transmitter and Receiver easily connects to any stereo via RCA jacks (3.5mm adapters included- ipod adapters?) A few minutes and your old Radio Shack clunker of a stereo you got when you graduated high school is ready to play your 8-tracks across the modern-day airwaves! Hmmm now if you can only teach your ipod to record them with the nice “Ka-chunk” between every song….

Of course iPhone techies like myself might want to use our iPhones’ built-in bluetooth to play music on our stereo. But my stereo can’t brag about the 8-tracks.

Also available are USB adapters for your laptop or just a simple reciever for your stereo!


  • Allows any home stereo system to transmit or receive high quality stereo music via Bluetooth technology. Supports Bluetooth A2DP( Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
  • Integrated controls and support for AVRCP( Audio/Video Remote Control Profile)
  • True Class 1 operation provides reliable wireless connections up to 300 ft. (100 m) with other Bluetooth Class 1 audio devices
  • Multicolor LED indicator shows Power ON, Transmit or Receive selection, and Bluetooth sync status
  • Easy connection to an A/V receiver with the included cables
  • Includes two 3.5mm stereo Mini-Plug to RCA cables and AC adapter
  • IR Remote Control Included

Ge Bluetooth Home Stereo Transmitter and Receiver

3 Responses to “GE Bluetooth Home Stereo Transmitter and Receiver”
  1. Blake says:


    I’m not sure why you would want to do this, but yes… I think it would work

  2. csdkw says:

    An example
    1. no-smoking everywhere inside house
    2. no home audio gear in garage where you can smoke
    3. can’t/not allowed to play home audio loud enough to hear in garage…
    So you use this gadget connected to inside stereo system to broadcast to you wearing bluetooth headphones in the garage.

  3. csdkw says:

    BTW, I highly recommend GE 99004 as long-distance(100ft Class 1)
    long-life(3+ years 40hrs/week) economical. $90 @ Amazon or maybe cheaper.

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