Who says you can’t mix water and electricity? Here we have an art concept that will be sure to drum up talk at the next house party. What better way to make the environmentalists happy by using recycled light bulbs. Though, in the same breath, you’ll piss off the animal rights activists by killing goldfish every week…

aqua_bulb.jpg (via OhGizmo)

9 Responses to “Fish Tank Light Bulb”
  1. ITrush says:

    This is cool. Stumbled!

  2. HelloYello says:

    Cool but I’m sure you can find something else other then live goldfish to use.
    It’s not worth killing gold fish.

  3. Lidia Letica says:

    I love these kind of fish tankes.

  4. jac says:

    try putting sea-monkeys in the light bulb

  5. Erin says:

    It’s pretty cruel…

  6. Jenny says:

    Goldfish grow up to a foot big, they would die within a day of being in a “light bulb”.

    Hence why there’s a reason the “tiny” fish in the second picture are completely photoshopped.

    In real life the fish would suffocate from lack of oxygen, burn from ammonia poisoning, and become lethargic from the unstable environmental changes that happen rapidly in small amounts of water. Research must be done before taking responsibility over any animal, keep “art” and pet care separate.

  7. john higgins says:

    dats awesomee…..

  8. Andy Johnson says:

    I think you should use about 2 mosquito fish or maybe a baby zebra fish. Goldfish are messy and will die in a day or two it happend to my friend who tried this project with gold fish. you can also try Triops.

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