For pool owners, this gadget is a must have! From inside the home, you can now view the live temperature of the pool water. The sensor just floats in the pool and wirelessly sends the water temperature to a remote display in your home (up to 300 feet away). But wait, there is more. Use it in the hot tub to signal you inside when the temperature is just right. A fish pond is another great temp figure to report. You want to make sure that 300 dollar Koi you just bought has the perfect water temp. Reads from 32°-158° F and can also be set to alert you when the water has achieved a pre-set temperature or when there is a danger of frost. As an added bonus, they threw in the indoor temperature and humidity. No doubt I’m getting one of these…

The Pool And Pond Remote Temperature Display.

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  1. Gadgets says:

    This would be great for hot tubs that are way out in the back yard. No more trudging to see if its up to temperature, only to find out that you waited to long and you’ll now par boil.

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