A must have for your personal protection. This device has flashing red light, panic button and motion activated security alarm can be used to signal for help or to ward off attackers. With the push of a button, the sonic alarm emits a high-decibel output. The flashing red distress light is push-button activated to signal and direct help to ones location. The high-intensity flashlight helps users find their way in low light conditions.

  • Super-Bright LED Flashlight – High and Low Beam modes, Red Emergency Flasher- Signals distress or alerts oncoming traffic
  • Easy to Read Compass Large, 14mm Diameter, Oil-Filled, Signaling Mirror
  • Cell Phone Charging Output, Low voltage output for charging cell phones, MP3 players, etc.
  • Motion Activated Security Alarm, Motion Sensor activates Sonic Alarm
  • Self-Charging, Powerful Hand Crank to Generate Power, State-of-the-Art Lithium-Ion batteries Technology used in Cell Phones and Laptops

BodyGard Survivor 12-in-1 Self Powered Emegency Companion

2 Responses to “BodyGard Survivor 12-in-1 Self Powered Emegency Companion”
  1. we have an Automotive shop at home because my dad and i loves automobiles. .:`

  2. Hey this little gizmo looks pretty cool. But I wonder how effective it would really be in a panic type situation. Like when you have about 1/2 second to react.

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