I know this for fact that every one like to pull out the garden hose but no one like to reel it back.This gadget here is the answer, NO-CRANK is a range of hose reels that are powered by water. Yes, power by water, offer hands-free rewinding of garden hoses. NO-CRANK hose reels use a patented water-piston engine to rewind the hose. Simply flip a lever and let the power of water rewind the hose so you don’t have to. No Batteries, No Electricity, No Springs. The No Crank Family is the first automatic rewinding garden tools. A technological breakthrough. Hydro-Pro system which takes the water pressure and converts it into the power needed to rewind up to 175ft of reel. This outdoor sink features two fold-out top shelves with supports, and hooks for hanging garden tools, towels, and barbecue accessories.

    Hight light:

  • Rugged and versatile outdoor sink center with hose reel
  • 24-inch sink with swivel faucet
  • Leader and drain hoses included
  • Fold-out shelves and handy storage shelf

$101.17 No Crank Outdoor Sink Station with Water Powered Retractable Garden Hose Reel

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