Stop wasting paper cups every time you brush your teethe!  For $2.99,  get the Whale Faucet Fountain and convert your bathroom water spigot into a water fountain. The bathroom gadget fits easily over any standard faucet. Using the Faucet Fountain is just as simple.  Just hold the flap up against the water flow and a magic water fountain appears.  Just be careful of the water pressure or you’ll turn it into a shower.  Another brilliant gadget that no kids or adult bathroom should be without.


  • Simply hold flap closed to make a fountain
  • No messy glasses to clean up
  • Ready to use, no installation
  • Rust proof (I would hope so)

$2.99 – Whale Faucet Fountain by Jokari (via Productdose)

Some bathroom vanities come equipped with faucet fountains.

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