I must wonder what the picture will be like for a 5w LED with a lumens of 10-15 and projected image from 15″ to 27″. Never the less this is a great idea for small multimedia devices like the iPhone or the iPod. Hmm what about project a movie from your iPhone onto the back of the tray table on your flight to Las Vegas!??  That’s the ultimate gadgeteer’s dream and definitely right up there with my fantasies of owning one of those suave-looking o2 phones with full mobile broadband features! Thanks to Las Vegas’ extensive entertainment and shopping facilities. And yes, I may also try a little gambling while I’m there. Darn, the Sin City is definitely the place to be.


  • Lamp source: LED (5W), over 20,000 hrs lamp life
  • Brightness”ANSI / 10-15 lumens
  • Resolution: 640*480 Pixels (VGA)
  • Screen size: 15″ ~ 27″ (50cm ~ 1M)
  • Compatibility: Apple iPod / iPhone connector & Mini AV jack
  • Dimension: 76x102x54 mm(LxWxH)

QingBar MP101 Mini Projector for iPod/iPhone

Update:  Though the shot below doesn’t do the QingBar Mp101 justice, It’s enough to show it’s worth a look in person…

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