Product Description:
If you like to be outdoors or to be close to nature, this toy is for you. This listening device is so powerful the conversation can be heard over 300 feet away! Outdoorsmen and field observers can tap into Nature’s secrets like never before. Bird watchers and nature lovers will be thrilled at the sound quality of this ingenious listening device. The viewfinder has a 10x prism optical system to view your subject even closer, so if you’re checking out a person, you’re able to read their lips as well. A pair of comfortable, padded full-size headphones are included.

    Technical Details

  • Find out what’s really going on with your kids and their friends
  • High-quality headphones cover the entire ear to reduce ambient noise
  • Outdoorsman can tap into natures secrets like never before

Electronic Spy Listening Device

One Response to “Electronic Spy Listening Device”
  1. sally says:

    this is an interesting listening device. does it filter out noise?

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