I just got a chance to sample the Green Executive Series Laser from WickedLasers.com.  I’ve owned many red laser pointing devices over the years.  A cheap key chain laser, one that makes silly shapes with different tips and one for board room meetings.  My expectations were not high when I opened the package, but little did I know…

First off, the Executive Series is delivered with a nice felt lined, carrying case.  I knew right from the open, this was not your ordinary toy laser.  My kids immediately took to it like deer in headlights…  and I didn’t even turn it on yet!  My little one thought it was the latest lightsaber technology.  I quickly placed in the two required AAA batteries and fired it up.

And the crowd goes crazy.  It shot out a green light so bright, I couldn’t believe it was coming from such a small device.  No matter were I pointed it, the kids followed like I had them hypnotized.

Unlike the lasers of the old days, the beam is able to be seen without smoke or dust.  Though harder to see in daylight, it really puts on a show in the dark.  I took it to a mountain side the other day and you could see the beam for over a mile. 

“Powered by only 2 AAA batteries, the Executive Series lasers is the world’s lowest beam divergence green laser pointer.  The green laser beam is able to travel long distances while maintaining excellent burning capabilities”

You read that right.  These lasers (not all models) have the ability to light matches or pop balloons at a small distance.  Not exactly popping popcorn like in the movie Real Genius, but you can see the weapon potential in a laser.  Check out the video below:

In the end, I have to admit The Executive Series lasers from Wicked Lasers are very impressive.  They look professional, they feel great in the hand and they really shine as advertised.  But, keep in mind that these are not for children.  You know the old saying, don’t play with matches…   Well, don’t play with lasers and matches.  All disclosures aside, The Executive Series Lasers are worth every dime and will impress anyone you’re willing to show it off to.  Bottom line, they are downright wicked!

The Executive Series from Wicked Lasers…

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