This is a must have if you have an active child in any environment! Have peace of mind with the Digital Wireless Child Tracker. This system comes with a watch that your child wears and a receiver that you wear. Simply clip on the receiver using the attached belt clip, and you can track your child using a digital signal. If your child moves too far away, an alarm will sound on the receiver. With three different range settings (16-32ft, 26-65ft, 49-98ft), you can specify the distance your child can go before the alarm sounds. When the alarm is activated, you will be alerted and the childs watch will also make a high-pitched noise. LEDs on the receiver will light up, and will point in the direction of your child.


  • range (16-32ft, 26-65ft, 49-98ft)
  • Expandable with 3 additional watches to monitor a total of 4 children.
  • LEDs blink faster when your child is close, and they slow down when your child is far.
  • echargable lithium battery for watch
  • Levana CT1000 Digital Wireless Child Tracker Wrist Watch and Kid Finder/Locator

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    1. These are great for keeping kids under a wireless leash. Practical and affordable.

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