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Gladiator Garage Works brings to market one of the most innovative hanging bike storage systems I’ve ever seen.  The Claw Advanced Bike Storage gets the bike out of the way, frees up floor space and protects your bike.

Gladiator Garage Works Claw Advanced Bike StorageSimply push upward once to activate its plunger-like mechanism, and two rubber-encased aluminum arms will thread through your rim and cradle the wheel securely. To release the bike, simply push up again to unlock the mechanism and release your bicycle.  It’s that easy…

The aluminum arms are covered with rubber edges to protect your rims, but secure to rest on. You can mount one Claw Advanced Bike Storage System device on your ceiling and hang a bike perpendicular to the floor from a single tire, or you can use two of them to hang a bike from both tires, depending on your storage needs.

Gladiator Garage Works Claw Advanced Bike Storage in action


  • Frees up storage space while protecting your bike
  • Offers a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum base and arms
  • Uses “soft touch” rubber to protect your rims and spokes
  • Works with bikes up to 50 pounds

Find your bike claw here: Gladiator GarageWorks GACEXXCPVK Claw Advanced Bike Storage v2.0, Plastic

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  1. Backup Tool says:

    Backup Tool…

    […]Gladiator Garage Works Claw Advanced Bike Storage | GadgetGrid[…]…

  2. Frank says:

    I have 2 of these and I’m telling you, the Gladiator Garage Works Claw Bike Storage gadget is brilliant! Worth ever penny and perform as advertised! You’ll be happy with the purchase…

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