The league of PC gamers can now rid the wires of their game controller/joystick. No more tangled game pad cables, this wireless PC game controller replaces a keyboard for quicker response and comfortable game play. Profiler software emulates keyboard commands Play wire-free for better game play. This device offers an extended range of up to 30 ft of play and has built-in internal motors with unbalanced weights provide vibration when activated by the game for total immersion in the game.

Wireless Game Controller for PC

3 Responses to “Wireless Game Controller for PC”
  1. This is great, this is the only reason that i dont really play games on the PC because i just cant grasp the controls lol but now…well theres no problem!

    Any idea how much they are?

  2. Regan Koopmans says:

    Awesome…but what is it’s full name? I wan’t to buy it and need the the exact name, please

  3. Gadget Blog says:

    Thanks, great review. @ Regan, it’s called the philips SGC2910BB – but, in my opinion, you’re better off getting a PS3 control and using that, you can use it via WiFi or you can use it with the USB cable 🙂

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