Protecting you powered electronics is important, but tight spaces can cause some complications when plugging them all in.  The Globe Home Theater Swivel Socket power strip allows for 90 degree rotation of the outlets.  This can make life a lot easier behind furniture, desks, couches, etc…  It’s rated for 2100 joules and has two indicator display lights that alert you of the current power status and ongoing surge protection.  They also stand behind their product with a $300,000 connected equipment warranty (always read the fine print first!).

Product Highlights:

  • Surge protector specially designed for home theatres
  • Features a compact swivel design that sits discreetly behind furniture and appliances
  • Rated for 2100 joules; also provides 5-Star protection
  • 2 indicator display lights alert you to current power status and ongoing surge protection
  • Measures 3-by-5-by-3.8 inches (WxHxD); limited connected equipment warranty covering up to $300,000

Currently $12 on Amazon:
Globe 7732001 Home Theater Six-Outlet Swivel Surge Tap

A $19 model is also available that includes protection for coaxial and phone connections:Tripp Lite HTSWIVEL6 Protect It! Surge 6 Swivel Outlets Direct Plug 1200 Joules Coax + TEL

Source: CraziestGadgets

One Response to “Globe Home Theater Swivel Sockets”
  1. This is a great home gadget, why has no one thought of this sooner?
    And its a very reasonable price to be honest.

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