The Jawhorse is a home improvement product that anyone could benefit from.  There are so many moments you need an extra hand and no one is around.  Whether it’s workbench related or you just need help holding the door up.  Rockwell calls The Jawhorse “a 1-ton clamping, no hands needing, hold whatever you want, work anywhere you want JAWHORSE!”  This helping hand can be adapted to so many challenges.  Use it as a vice, miter stand, a work bench, a welding station, etc…

The design of the Jawhorse is also well thought out.  The vice is operated using a foot pedal so, your hands are free to do other things.  For example, while you hold you bike in the place with both hands, you can use your foot to apply the vice preasure.  It can also extend to a full 37 inches to hold any standard door.  And when all is said and done, it folds down into almost nothing for easy transportation.  Bottom line, it’s just a well thought out, personal handyman assistant.


  • The 1 ton clamping force provided by the jaws, which is foot-pedal operated, leaves both of your hands free to handle the material you are inserting
  • A lock-release switch allows you to lock the material in place and easily release it with the flick of a switch
  • Vice jaws extend to a full 37-inches – enough to clamp even the largest materials inlcluding a standard size 36-inch door
  • Tripod base gives exceptional all-terrain stability; the front legs incorporate holes to allow you to fasten to a floor for more permanent jobs
  • The Jawhorse quickly folds down (no tools needed) to a very portable 43 pounds and incorporate a wheel for even easier portability

Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse

One Response to “The Rockwell Jawhorse”
  1. Andrew says:

    I got one i arrived yesterdays, it really handy, good device, strong made. greatest horse I’ve ever used

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