How many times have you’ve been caught in the dark and can’t find the light switch.  Or, your hands are full and you can’t get the switch.  How about just lazy or forgetful?  The Smarthome Screw-in Motion Sensing Light Adapter will turn on a light automatically when you enter an area and off when you leave.   Simply screw in the adapter into the empty socket, screw the light bulb into the adapter and turn the switch back to on.  No wiring!  The motion sensor detects movement in all directions up to 16 feet.  With adjustable settings it is perfect for your Laundry room, garage, walk-in closet, hallway, basement, attic, wine cellar, or storage nook.


  • Adjustable sensitivity dials to customize your own setup
  • Five second to 100 second “on-time” duration
  • OK for use with up to a 60W light bulb
  • 360° sensing view with up to a five meter range
  • No complicated wiring or switches to install

Smarthome Screw-in Motion Sensing Light Adapter

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