Here is a water cooler system that will make life simpler and better for everyone in the house… pets included.  Using standard water bottles, the HduO water dispenser can dispense hot, cold or room temp water for yourself at any time.  While your pets get clean, cold water automatically dispensed in the bowl at the bottom of the unit.  Independent switches allow control of human and pet dispensers, and permit you to use the water cooling/heating functions only as desired.  A great item for the fresh water demanding families with pets…


  • No more chlorine or fluoride, both harmful to our pets health.
  • Perfect for any home with a dog or cat, HduO utilizes traditional three or five-gallon water bottles:
  • Removable, easy to clean pet water bowl
  • Hot, cold and room temperature water for us
  • Separate power switches permit independent control of hot and cold reservoirs and pet dispenser

Safety Features Include:

  • Child resistant hot water safety latch
  • Fill level sensor to prevent overfill of pet bowl
  • Bowl placement sensor limits water flow unless bowl
    is properly placed
  • LED information display will alert when bowl is misaligned
  • Dedicated water line to pet bowl eliminates backfill
  • Manual on/off switch on back of unit permits deactivation of motion control dispenser

Aninx Corp ANX101 HduO Pet and Family Water Dispensing System

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