Meet the ultimate in play toys from Japan’s Elekit toy company. Battle Titan, a versatile 6-wheeled tank with infrared guns power. Challenge your co worker or friend to a battle. Hit them 4 times with your infrared camera and you win.

Up to four of the Battle Titan tanks can be controlled simultaneously in a mock battle.

The Battle Titan kit Features

  • 4-channel operation
  • Realistic shooting sounds.
  • Infrared gun
  • Tank Size: 125 x 45 x 90mm (5 x 1.7 x 3.5”)
  • Weight: 260g. (tank), 100g. (controller)
  • Power: AAA x 4 (tank), AA x 4 (controller)
  • Battery life: 1 hour continuous (tank), 100 hours (controller)
  • Controller range: 2 meters (6.5”)

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