This gadget is in a class of it self, a complete DVR in your review mirror. The Rear View Mirror Car Camera Recorder can be use for blind spot reduction, monitor for backup camera but most importantly a complete DVR functionality. Records Directly to a Removable SD Card with Time and Date, the recordings can be easily removed and played back on any computer. The unit can be easily remove from your existing review mirror, with a built-in video port, you can view the video on your TV.


  • Recording Starts Automatically When Engine Starts
  • Real-Time Recording/Playback Audio and Video
  • Built-In 2.5″ LCD w/ Wide Angle View and Low Light
  • No Installation – Plugs Directly Into Car Lighter
  • Attaches to Any Existing Rear View Mirror
  • Auxiliary Camera Port For a Rear View Camera

Rear View Mirror Car Camera Recorder

One Response to “Rear View Mirror Car Camera Recorder”
  1. Mike Wilson says:

    This is a nice gadget. Much cheaper than getting it as a factory option and more versatile.

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