Have you ever become preoccupied in a store and for that split second lost track of where your child is?

Well the BrickHouse Locator is an innovative product that both helps you locate your child and also alerts you if your child is wandering too far. Simply attach a small Tag to your child’s shoes, jacket, or backpack, and let the homing device lead you to their location in seconds. The BrickHouse Child Locator alerts you the instant your child leaves the safety zone.

Use the “Locate Mode” and the on-screen display direction and provide you with audio beeps that will will lead you to your child. The closer you get, the faster it will beep.

Additionally, your child can press the Panic Button to alert you of an emergency.


  • Locate Your Wandering Child Anywhere
  • Get Alerts When Your Children Wander Too Far
  • Includes 4 Locator Tags (1 being a Panic Tag)
  • Very Easy to Use, Portable Indoor/Outdoor Design

Child Locator by Brickhouse

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