Welcome to the next level of extreme skateboarding. Scarpar, an Australian company has developed an adrenaline pumping, off-road riding powerboard that can be used in all terrains (grassy lawns, beaches, forests) and all weather.

With the target speed of 35mph (60kmh) for the first release you may also need to invest in heavy duty underwear as this baby may scare the wits out of you on the first run.

An engine powers both tracks. Brakes and acceleration are via a hand controller. The specifics of the vehicle’s design (tracks, steering geometry, construction, drive line, etc) are the subject of current and future patents.

The only thing missing from this device is that it is still in development. It is anticipated that you will be able to purchase one through your local powersports dealer in 2010.


  • 4 stroke engine from a tier one vendor
  • Target speed is 35mph (60kmh) for the first release product
  • Gas consumption: Aiming for a minimum of 20 miles (32km) per tank
  • Target maximum weight is around 230lbs (110kg)

Scarpar Powersports for Board Riders

One Response to “The “Extreme” Scarpar skateboard”
  1. The Scarpar Team says:


    Thanks for the writeup … A few additional probabilities:

    1. The maximum weight above is the the rider weight not the vehicle weight … might be obvious but worth stating. The vehicle will be somewhere south of 85lb. Hopefully a long way south, but subject to engineering finalisation.

    2. If we can make an electric version do absolutely everything we want, we may go straight to electric. Being looked into at the moment and looking highly possible.


    The Scarpar Team

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