Bugs Beware!

With summer around the corner, you might just find yourself face to face a few (unwanted) houseguests. The Keep Your Distance Bug Vacuum is a cordless insect vacuum that quickly captures bugs from up to 2′ away (and personally, that’s about as close as I like to get).

Creepy crawlies like flies, spiders, bees, ants and other insects get suctioned in by a 22,400 rpm motor, sending the insect through a valve in the tube to an electric grid in the handle that instantly kills the critter.

The extendable nozzle lets you snatch bugs even in the highest places. The tube is removable and the electric grid shuts off when you remove it, protecting your fingers from potential shocks or electrical burns.

The unit includes a charging stand and comes with an LED charge indicator light to monitor battery life.

Keep Your Distance Bug Vacuum

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