Looking for the latest summer craze for your kids.. or perhaps yourself?

Well Skorpion has Multi Terrain Skates that will rock your world.

These skates combine contemporary aerodynamic automotive design with stability and functionality.

The are easy to wear (just slip on top of your shoes) and provide the user with directional steering, quad spring suspension, and come in either red or silver Mag wheels.

Skorpion indicates you can use these skates on almost every surface from pavements, BMX tracks, nature trails, boardwalks, grass and cobblestones. They are so comfortable that they were described in the Holiday Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide as ‘Hummers for your feet’.


  • Manufactured by Skorpion
  • 115mm wheels
  • Dupont® Zytel polyamide resin ST-PA6
  • 2 back brakes on right skate
  • Quad Springs for individual suspension capability
  • Available in two adjustable sizes: Large and Small

Skorpion Multi Terrain Skates

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