Personally, I think The Entertrainer is one piece of fitness equipment so gimmicky it makes the thigh master look good, but hey, at least it’s funnier than your average elliptical.

The Entertrainer will shut off your TV if your daily workout fails to impress. Is anyone picking up on the irony here? Your TV, once the culprit of so much couch-potato-inducing activity, is now your personal trainer? Anyway…

The package comes with a wireless EKHO heart rate monitor that transmits information to the Entertrainer. Enter in your desired workout level and age and The EnterTrainer will calculate your target heart-rate zone and basically act like a universal remote. Then, every ten seconds, it’ll check your heart rate and if it detects lacksidasical performance, your television’s volume will decrease continually by 20%.

Keep ignoring the warning signs and your television will shut off. Get in gear and it’ll automatically turn back on again…although by then you may have missed seeing who got voted off the island and need to plunk your underachieving butt in front of the PC to get yourself, uh hem, back up-to-speed.

via Posci

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